About UWNews.org

The University of Washington News portal is a gateway for finding information about the UW’s current events. Originally, the website served as a port of entry for journalists who need information about the University of Washington. However, as time passed by, we have noticed more and more regular users accessing the UWNews. This way, we became a universal space for anyone willing to find out about UW discoveries, researches, and recent events.

Our goal is to spread the information we find valuable at the University of Washington to update the wide public all at once. By doing our work, we promote the healthy growth of academic knowledge among youngsters and brief our readers about the opportunities they may discover by becoming a UW member.

Media Officers

About UWNEWS Robert Roseth
(206) 543-2580
Director, UW News and Information
Contact for: central-administration issues, budgeting, human rights, student affairs, regents, community relations, legislative relations, branch campuses, commencement
About UWNEWS Sandra Hines
(206) 543-2580
Assistant Director, UW News and Information
Contact for forestry, wildlife, wood products/international trade, fisheries, watershed/streamside studies, marine policy, oceanography, ocean engineering, botany, urban horticulture, climate change, astrobiology
About UWNEWS Vince Stricherz
(206) 543-2580
Science Writer, UW Office of News and Information
Contact for astronomy, physics, atmospheric sciences, biology, chemistry, and earth and space sciences (including the seismology laboratory). Also covers astrobiology and climate change research, including both the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) and the Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Group.
About UWNEWS Catherine O’Donnell
(206) 543-2580
News & Information
Economics, world affairs, political science, public affairs, law, architecture and urban planning, growth issues, library and information science, communications, humanities.
About UWNEWS Hannah Hickey
(206) 543-2580
Engineering Writer, UW Office of News and Information
Contact for aeronautics and astronautics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, technical communications, math, applied math, statistics, technology transfer.

University Week

About UWNEWS Nancy Wick
(206) 543-2580
Editor, University Week
Media contact for dance, drama, music and art
About UWNEWS Peter Kelley
(206) 543-2580
Assistant Editor, University Week
Media contact for education.

Office Staff

About UWNEWS Linda Dodson
(206) 543-2580
UW News and Information Office Manager
UW News and Information Office Manager
About UWNEWS Chris Wallish
(206) 543-2580
Office Assistant, News and Information
Office Assistant, News and Information

Our staff of media officers is available to help you find faculty experts or to connect with newsmakers at the UW. See the list below for the subject areas represented by the Office of News and Information and the media officers who cover those beats.